Jimmi McCarter

Her Story

Jimmi On   Her Art

   Jimmi's childhood dreams were realized by the time she was 25, having left her small Alabama hometown at a young age for Hollywood. There, she was hired as a Dean Martin Golddigger. Eventually, she signed a recording contract with Warner Bros Nashville and the rest was history.

    With dreams fulfilled, she turned her attentions elsewhere for another opportunity to express herself, and with alcohol ink, her prayers were answered. Jimmi started giving out her pieces to family and friends which encouraged her to find a way to sell the creative art to the public.

I'm a paragraph. 

  "I like to think of my pieces as “usable art” as they serve a purpose.  They are something to pass down to your kids or grandkids because they are so durable and should last a very long time. It’s fun to find, in my abstracts, all kinds of figures such as an angel or, as one of my friends found, Garfield! Kids love having their own coaster for their bedside so I make coasters with “kid” colors.

   I now send out my art pieces instead of birthday cards. These are wonderful ways to express love, thanks, or a “thinking of you”. I made one that looked like sunshine to give to a loved one who is fighting cancer. 

   And interestingly there are no two pieces alike! If you want a set of coasters, I can always custom make them with the same colors. Four of the flowers make beautiful sets. If you don’t see what you want, please feel free to contact me with your request. I would love to hear from you!"